Dermatology Services at Wanshika Healthcare caters to skin, hair, nail and mucosal problems. Apart from diagnosing skin diseases and any associated internal problems for which appropriate treatment is suggested, we also emphasize on patient education regarding basic skin care to prevent unnecessary damage to the skin due to the external environment. Dermatology services include the following: Skin Surgery To Remove Growths Or Biopsies To Aid In Diagnosis, Removal of Skin Growths And Blemishes By Simple Safe Procedures, Cosmetic Procedures To Maintain And Improve The Appearance Of Skin Damaged By The Sun, Disease Or Natural Aging Process. Cosmetic Dermatology: Cosmetic Dermatology is fast becoming an integral part of the management of clinical dermatology. In addition to chemical peels to treat facial hyper pigmentation and age spots, we offer microdermabrasion to treat the aftermath of acne and chickenpox, with excellent results. We also offer electro-epilation & laser for permanent reduction of unwanted hair.