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Ophthalmology department at Wanshika Healthcare is providing eye care ranging from routine eye examinations to complex & microscopic surgical procedures. The department also performs refractions, prescribes contact lenses and performs other tests to help maintain good vision.The department is fully equipped with all latest equipments for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Facilities at Yashoda include: Comprehensive Eye Care With State of The Art Equipment, Lid/ Lachrymal Apparatus Surgeries- Endonasal DCR, Phacoemulsification With Intra Ocular Lens Implants For Cataract, Glaucoma Workup And Surgeries, Other Facilities Include Treatment Of Retinal Disorders And Squint Surgeries, Refractive Surgeries To Treat Myopia, Hypermetropia, Intraocular Laser Surgery- YAG, Ocular Trauma Surgery- Orbital Decompression, Intravitrial Injections.


Pediatric and Neonatology department at Wanshika Medicare provides comprehensive care ranging from preventive services, anticipatory guidance, assessment of well-being, treatment of illnesses covering minor to most complicated and life threatening to all age groups (fetus, newborn, infant, toddler, preschool, school age and adolescent). All these age groups have unique health requirements. The department comprises of a team of well experienced & qualified Pediatricians & Neonatologists with most advanced diagnostic back up facility to provide maximum benefit to our patients. All Pediatric Super Specialities like pediatric cardiology, critical care, surgery, neurology, nephrology, endocronology, gestroenterology, pulmology, etc. are available under one roof.
Best Dental Hospital


Department of Dentistry at Wanshika Medicare provides comprehensive services through a group of senior Dental Surgeons. Services offered by the department are as follows: Curative Treatments Include Orthodontics And Facial Reconstruction For Trauma Cases & Maxillofacial Injuries. The Elective Program Includes Facial Dermatology, Plastic Surgery And Facial Enhancement By Both Invasive & Non-Invasive Procedures Such As Face-Lifts And Feature Reshaping. Dental Procedures available at Wanshika: Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Oral & Maxilofacial Surgery, Orthognathic Surgery, Dental Implants, Prosthetic Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Implant Supported Dentures, Cosmetic & Preventive Dentistry.
Physiotherapy and physical therapy


Department of Physiotherapy at Wanshika Medicare aims at delivering the most suitable treatment for an injury or condition in order to enhance mobility and quality of life. Our physiotherapists assess and treat people with injuries, disabilities etc. They also emphasize on patient education to avoid injuries and maintain a fit, healthy body. Services provided by the department include : Preventive & Therapeutic Exercises, Sports Disorder Management, Knee & Shoulder Pain Clinic, Anti Obesity Clinic, Pre & Post Natal Care, Post Operative Care, Interferential Therapy (IFT), Ultrasound Therapy, Short Wave Diathermy (SWD), Traction – Cervical / Lumbar, Paraffin Wax Therapy, Moist Heat Therapy, Electric Stimulations, Combi Therapy, Continuous Passive Motion, Exercise Therapy, Pulmonary Function Test.


We have one of the best skilled and experienced team of experts who are internationally recognized for their pioneer work in Urology and Renal Transplants. The hospital is committed to be partner in Health, healing and hope and continuing this spirit we are maintaining the highest clinical governance standards and patient centric care, incorporating cutting edge technologies in the field. Our team of doctors has experience of treating patients from across the world. We not only get patients from India but also from Iran, Iraq, the Middle East, the African Subcontinent and other SAARC nations (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal etc.).
Plastic Surgery


Dermatology Services at Wanshika Healthcare caters to skin, hair, nail and mucosal problems. Apart from diagnosing skin diseases and any associated internal problems for which appropriate treatment is suggested, we also emphasize on patient education regarding basic skin care to prevent unnecessary damage to the skin due to the external environment. Dermatology services include the following: Skin Surgery To Remove Growths Or Biopsies To Aid In Diagnosis, Removal of Skin Growths And Blemishes By Simple Safe Procedures, Cosmetic Procedures To Maintain And Improve The Appearance Of Skin Damaged By The Sun, Disease Or Natural Aging Process. Cosmetic Dermatology: Cosmetic Dermatology is fast becoming an integral part of the management of clinical dermatology. In addition to chemical peels to treat facial hyper pigmentation and age spots, we offer microdermabrasion to treat the aftermath of acne and chickenpox, with excellent results. We also offer electro-epilation & laser for permanent reduction of unwanted hair.

General Medicine

General Medicine Services are managed by a team of senior internists who are dedicated to excellence in comprehensive patient care, community obligations and professional growth. We strive to enhance the quality and effectiveness of healthcare by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine with scholarly inquisitive approach to clinical problem-solving. We treat Infectious Diseases, Chronic Diseases, Medical Emergencies, Septicemia & Septic Shock Associated Multi-Organ Failure, Tropical Infections Like Complicated Malaria, Dengue, Chickenguniya, Fever Of Unknown Origin, Management of Drug Overdoses & Poisoning &Systemic Ailments.
Blood test

Lab Services

Laboratory Services at Wanshika Medicare functions 24 X 7 with an emphasis on accuracy, precision reproducibility and prompt reporting. We have a large hospital based laboratory which caters to a wide population of walk-ins patients from in & around Delhi NCR and inpatients of the Hospital. The Laboratory performs close to 1 lac tests per month. Laboratory Services has been accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. It is the first large Laboratory in Delhi accredited by NABL.
Pharmacy services at Wanshika medicare


Pharmacy Services at Wanshika Medicare provides a wide range of pharmaceutical products, surgical, disposables, lifesaving and general healthcare products and nutritional supplements. Our priority is to stock an entire range of pharmaceutical and medical products, and delivering them efficiently to our customers. Our backup facility helps us to serve our customers with critical medicines.