International Patient Services

At Wanshika Medicare Hospital, we have a department dedicated to serving our patients from other countries. With a team of doctors with global experience, state-of-the-art technology, world-class medical services, and a specialized team, we ensure our international patients get swift, smooth, and flawless service along with expert care from the moment they arrive. Our team of experienced Guest Relation Assistants provides a broad spectrum of services for you and your family members, to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience, from pre-arrival to follow-up care.


Wanshika Medicare Hospital acknowledges that International Patients have special needs and requirements. In order to provide a highly specialized service, we offer seamless patient services of world-class quality. From the warmth of our greeting at the airport to your registration and discharge, we have created unparalleled service at our hospitals in Delhi & NCR.


Our Services include:

  • Airport Transfer Service
  • Scheduling of All Medical Appointments
  • Coordination of the Admissions Process
  • Cost Estimates For Anticipated Treatment
  • Processing of Medical Second Opinions
  • Provide Language Interpreters
  • Special Dietary Needs / Religious Arrangements
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Providing News & Information of Patient’s Relatives Back Home


Billing & Finance Related Services

We do welcome advance payment but not mandatory. The full estimated payment must be paid on admission. Incidental charges will be due upon the patient’s discharge.

Scheduling Appointment

We offer a complimentary opinion from our team of specialists on the basis of the initial reports shared by you. Accordingly, we will send you details of the cost of treatment and tentative plans as per the reports shared by you. Once you decide to take treatment at Wanshika Medicare Hospital, we will schedule an appointment with our specialist.

Single Point of Contact

At Wanshika Medicare Hospital, we will provide you one single point of contact that will help youright from the admission to discharge, the person will help you and your companion for all requirements likeaccommodation, shopping, interpreters, Currency exchange, Wire transfer, etc.

Travel Arrangement & Concierge Services

After your appointment is scheduled and one point of contact has been assigned to you, it is time to make your travelarrangements. Our concierge services include:

  • Airport pick-up facility – Our International Patient Services (IPS) team provides a transfer facility betweenthe Airport and the Hospital/Hotel.
  • Accommodation – The team takes care of the arrangements for hotels/guest houses required pre-admissionand post-discharge.
  • Car Hire Facility – Car hire facility is available for your companion on a chargeable basis for local sightseeing orany other requirement.
  • Calling Card Facility – a calling card can be provided to you on chargeable basis by the IPS team.

Interpreter Services

If you do not speak English or Hindi or need any help, we will provide an interpreter for you at no additional cost. We have both male and female interpreters who are trained in medical terminology.

Visa Arrangement

The team assists in arranging a visa to avail of medical treatment by issuing an invitation letter to you and yowcompanion. If you require an extension of your visa depending on the course of your treatment. Our team will let assist you accordingly.

Once your decision is final to travel to India for medical treatment, your passport details and that of your companion along with a visa assistance letter are given to the Indian Embassy in your country.

Financial Services

The dedicated relationship manager will help you with your financial and payment arrangements.

  • Payment can be made using health insurance, self-payment or embassy sponsorship.
  • Currency exchange and wire transfer services are available within the hospital services.

We do welcome advance payment but not mandatory. The full estimated payment must be paid on admission. Incidental charges will be due upon the patient’s discharge.

Phone / TV / Internet Connectivity

Internet laptop, phone facilities are available in the hospital on a chargeable basis. Each bed has an individual telephone line you can use to contact the staff in the hospital, as well as your family and/or friends, and they can call you back. Each room is equipped with a TV set. Please always carefully adjust the volume of the TV set in order not to disturb other patients. Internet Dongle and SIM cards are easily procurable. Please ask the International team to get internet access.

Special Food & Beverages / Religious Foods

We have a wide range of delicious food options available for you, your companions and visitors. Food is available 24×7 and caters to a wide range of palates. Your dietary plan during your stay complies with the prescribed food by your dietician after your complete assessment, taking into consideration the physician’s recommendations.

We ensure that you get the combination of taste and nutrition along with the food of your choice. Your cultural and religious beliefs and convictions are also taken into consideration while preparing and serving food, Halal Food is also arranged on demand.

Services During & After Treatment

  • Regular updates on the patient’s progress
  • Conference call services
  • Post-discharge query handling