Other Services

Blood Bank

Blood Bank at Wanshika Medicare is dedicated to deliver quality blood products & improving the safety of blood transfusion practice. We are catering our services for a decade to meet the needs of patients, hospitals, clinicians and related services. Leucodepleted and NAT tested Blood Components available. In Yashoda Blood Bank, most of the blood for transfusion is collected from family members and friends as replacement donors. Volunteers also often donate blood especially in times of need of a rare blood group. Blood donation is not hazardous and it proves to be a healthy habit that helps blood renewal.

Emergency & Trauma Care

Emergency & Trauma Care Services at Wanshika Medicare handles all life threatening and serious medical & surgical emergencies round the clock. A formidable combination of the latest life saving equipment and qualified professionals doctors, nurses and paramedics ensure that the patient gets the best of services in the shortest possible time all in a patient-friendly environment.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services at Wanshika Medicare functions 24 X 7 with an emphasis on accuracy, precision reproducibility and prompt reporting. We have a large hospital based laboratory which caters to a wide population of walk-ins patients from in & around Delhi NCR and inpatients of the Hospital. The Laboratory performs close to 1 lac tests per month. Laboratory Services has been accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. It is the first large Laboratory in Delhi accredited by NABL.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services at Wanshika Medicare provides a wide range of pharmaceutical products, surgical, disposables, lifesaving and general healthcare products and nutritional supplements. Our priority is to stock an entire range of pharmaceutical and medical products, and delivering them efficiently to our customers. Our backup facility helps us to serve our customers with critical medicines.

Preventive Health-Checkups

Most people tend to take good health for granted. But you may never even know when your current lifestyle may adversely affect your health in the future. Constant stress, irregular food habits and lack of exercise can be the main culprits. It is a fact that almost every major ailment first manifests itself as minor symptoms, which are often not noticed and hence, neglected. A proper preventive health heck—up helps in the assessment of your health conditions and may provide the proverbial stitch in time. At, Wanshika Medicare we continue to emphasize the age-old adage that Prevention is better than Cure.

Radiodiagnosis Services

Radiology & Imaging Sciences plays a crucial role in determining the accuracy of diagnosis and the subsequent planning of treatment. Radiology & Imaging Sciences help doctors and surgeons to plan every aspect of surgery in advance. The diagnosis of various diseases at the earliest stages of development plays a very important role in being cured. At Wanshika Medicare highly skilled professionals work using the latest diagnostic equipment. Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Yashoda consists of the latest equipment manned by qualified doctors and offers 24 X 7 elective and emergency services. We offer state of the art services of Digital X rays, Ultrasonography, Flouroscopy, OPG, Mammography, MRI, CT Scan etc.

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